We have programs in place to be of service to the residential homeowner as well as owners or managers of commercial property. Our contracts are set up for the season, meaning you can set a budget. Snowplowing and shoveling occurs when snowfall amounts are 1.5 inches or greater. For residences, snowplowing per-time is another option. We will wait until the snow storm is over to plow unless snow fall totals are expected to exceed 6 inches. This option includes a one-time-per-month minimum, which is equal to the price to plow your driveway, whether it snows or not. The minimum price is applied to the first snowfall of the month so if there is only one snowfall in the month you will not be charged for 2 plowings. We can also include some optional services such as shoveling, roof raking, sanding/salting, and snow hauling. The shoveling option with the seasonal rate is your walk to the front door and in front of garage doors. Shoveling per time will be decided by the customer to include, but not limited to sidewalks, garage aprons, patios, decks, etc.