We have programs in place to be of service to the residential homeowner as well as owners or managers of commercial property. Our contracts are set up for the season, meaning you can set a budget. Snowplowing and shoveling occurs when snowfall amounts are 1.5 inches or greater. For residences, snowplowing per-time is another option. We will wait until the snow storm is over to plow unless snow fall totals are expected to exceed 6 inches. This option includes a one-time-per-month minimum, which is equal to the price to plow your driveway, whether it snows or not. The minimum price is applied to the first snowfall of the month so if there is only one snowfall in the month you will not be charged for 2 plowings. We can also include some optional services such as shoveling, roof raking, sanding/salting, and snow hauling. The shoveling option with the seasonal rate is your walk to the front door and in front of garage doors. Shoveling per time will be decided by the customer to include, but not limited to sidewalks, garage aprons, patios, decks, etc.


Pond maintenance is essential to keeping your water feature operating and looking its best. We cover all aspects of pond maintenance. In the spring we begin by draining your pond, and power washing everything from the stones to the filters and falls. Next the pond is filled and the pump and transformer is checked for any deficiencies. Enzymes and bacteria are also added to ensure proper pond health. After you enjoy your water feature for the entire summer, we come back in the fall to prepare it for winter. We drain it and remove the pump for the winter to prevent freezing and damage.


Irrigation systems must be blown out in the mid to late fall to prevent line freeze and damage. We have the equipment to blow out both small residential and large commercial systems.

In late spring our irrigation specialist will come out and prepare your system for the season. We will start-up your system, adjust and/or replace nonworking heads, set up your watering schedule and make any conservation measures to improve your system.


Every couple of years natural wood mulches break down, creating the need for topdressing. Topdressing mulch beds increases moisture retention as well as freshening the appearance.

We recommend 2-3 inches to be installed in the fall after perennials and shrubs are cut back. This process also creates an insulation blanket for your plants increasing the survivability over the cold winter months.


Thatch is an accumulation of tightly meshed dead and living stems and roots that build up between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface. A thick layer of thatch may cause a shallow root system with roots growing only in the thatch, increasing the risk of insects and disease, mower scalping, dry spots, and reduced tolerance to environmental stresses. This service is performed during the spring clean-up process.


Over-seeding is the process of incorporating soil and seed to existing lawns to create denser, more uniform turf. Many times this technique is performed because the tree canopy has increased creating shady sites where sunny grass no longer thrives. This is also beneficial on lawns overgrown with weeds. This process is best performed in early spring or fall because of cooler temperatures and likelihood of rainfall. Optimal results are achieved when including over-seeding with aeravation and aeration.


Aeravation is the latest turf and lawn practice for the home lawn. It is widely used in the golf and athletic field industry. Aeravating has the ability to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf on the surface. The vibrating tines penetrate the compacted soil while loosening the thatch layer creating more of an opening for root growth and absorption of water, air, nutrients and chemicals. Aeravating is also very beneficial in breaking up the compacted soils of new construction before laying sod, encouraging a healthy root zone.


A process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn is called core aeration. It has many benefits including: opening the soil, reduceing compaction, improving water infiltration, improving rooting, and reducing thatch which aids in reducing lawn stress. The plugs are left on the surface to break down (usually within a couple of weeks) and reincorporate soil into the thatch layer, creating a better growing medium for turf grass. We perform this service in the fall when root growth is at its optimum.


Tree, shrub, and perennial fertilization are beneficial for enhanced growth. It promotes healthy root structure, vegetative growth, flowering and proper soil acidity.

We use a combination of slow and rapid release nitrogen, which will last three to four months. It is also enhanced with 5% Sulfur for proper soil acidity. To prevent weeds in your landscape beds, we use a pre-emergent weed preventative applied once in spring and once in summer. If weeds exist, we spot spray a non-selective herbicide.


We use only the highest quality fertilizers and weed control products. Fertilizer applications are important for proper disease resistance, weed control, and overall health of your lawn and root structure. The mixture and application rates are customized to meet your specific conditions determined by soil type, sun, shade and moisture. Our six standard applications are as follows: 

  • Spring fertilizer with crabgrass preventative (dry)

  • Broad leaf weed control (liquid)

  • Summer slow release fertilizer (dry)

  • Late summer slow release fertilizer 

  • Late summer broad leaf weed control (liquid)

  • Fall fertilizer (dry)

* We guarantee your yard to be weed free, and will spot spray as needed.


Mowing is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy lawn. A professional mower using proper mowing techniques will ensure a smooth, well-groomed appearance for your lawn.

Mowing at the right height and on the proper schedule helps maintain a dense, smooth, uniform turf and reduces the competition of many weeds. Service includes mowing of all turf areas, trimming of all edges, trees, and landscape. All landscape, sidewalks, and driveway surfaces are blown free of grass clippings and debris.

(Service performed May-October)


Spring clean-up is vitally important. It helps remove thatch, leaf litter, vole damage, sand and gravel that accumulates throughout late fall and winter. This process is necessary to promote dense turf with deep color and strong roots.

Our spring clean-up service includes: removal of all leaves and yard debris from lawn and landscape beds, dethatching of turf surfaces and dead grass removal. Sidewalks and outdoor surfaces will also be blown clean.

(Service performed April-Early May)


Nothing adds distinction and peace to an outdoor living space like a water feature which rounds out and completes any outdoor design. Even in tight spaces you can enjoy the look and peaceful sound of water, which can mask the sound of vehicles on a busy street. Water features come in many forms from a simple bubbling boulder or column to a low maintenance water fall, creek and pond equipped with fish and flowering water plants. A pond-less waterfall is also available for those looking for a water feature with virtually no maintenance. 


Any well designed garden or patio should contain many elements of nature: stone, water, and fire. Cedar wood structures are another natural feature that can enhance an outdoor environment. We can custom design and build on site unique garden structures such as pergolas, arbors and trellis’ to meet the scale and architecture of your home. Made of solid cedar materials, they will last for years with minimal maintenance.


Today’s landscape lighting is affordable and functional. Quality lighting is not so much about the fixture but the affect that it creates. Landscape lighting makes yards more attractive and enjoyable but also heightens visibility and creates a safer atmosphere. By lighting paths, steps and architecture, you add aesthetics and safety as you ward off possible intruders. We have certified low voltage professionals to design and install the simplest to most complex lighting. Why not enjoy your landscape investment long after the sun sets?